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Giving new employees a warm welcome and a successful start. That's our goal. With Appical's onboarding platform, you set your new hires up for success. Not only on the first day of work, but also before the start date and long after. 

We've been helping companies give new employees a great onboarding experience for 10 years now. In the Netherlands, and far beyond. For more than 360 clients, with as many as 300,000+ users. Including, of course, our own talents!

Our story

From paper handbook to interactive onboarding experience

Appical was founded in 2012. Back then, the standard was to send your new employees an extensive paper handbook that they had to read through at the beginning of their new job. But who is willing to read that, right?

So our founders decided this could be done easier and better, by making the onboarding process a memorable experience. With the mindset to innovate and digitalize the onboarding processes, we developed our onboarding platform.
The result? An easy-to-use platform to guide your employees throughout their entire employee journey: from pre- & onboarding to reboarding and offboarding.

Now, 10 years later, our employee onboarding platform empowers HR departments all over the world to create tailor-made employee experiences for their new hires.

We are part of the Visma family! 🎉

In 2022 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and - as the icing on the cake - we became part of the Visma family. Visma is a leading provider of mission-critical business software for a more efficient and resilient society. 

This means we are part of an organization with 14,000 employees. And with this extensive network, we can accelerate our business ambitions, strengthen our position in Europe. And we have tremendous innovation power.

Together we can empower even more new employees with an unforgettable onboarding experience!

Want to take your onboarding process to the next level? Let us know via our contact form.

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Onboardees on all continents receive a stellar welcome via our Appical platform.

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Meet our leadership

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Peter Straatsma

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), I am responsible for overseeing the growth and go to market strategies. I manage a large team of employees that includes the company's Sales team but also include the Marketing and Customer Success department. I love to bring my passion, ambition and energy to the table and hope to infect others with this so they can succeed. 

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040821ZN-[EN+NL] - About Appical - Barbara

Barbara Volgelaar

Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer (COO) it is my responsibility to translate our company strategy into a flawless and excellent execution. Together with a group of awesome and talented team leads we guide the organization into the next phase. 🚀

It is my personal objective to create an atmosphere where everybody will contribute to the company objectives from her or his own unique talents. A fantastic process.

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040821ZN-[EN+NL] - About Appical - Douwe

Douwe Okker

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I am responsible for all of the company’s financial functions, including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance, and investor relations. I also oversee and manage human resources and facilities activities. 

I will always dedicate my efforts to working smarter, not harder because I truly believe that working in a fast and cost-effective manner will help our business grow.

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040821ZN-[EN+NL] - About Appical - Eric Jan

Eric-Jan Pouw

Head of Delivery

I am responsible for Appical’s Delivery team. We guide our customers during the implementation process. We are successful when we deliver a beautiful, engaging app, and a happy customer. It’s our goal to turn every customer into an Appical ambassador. I want my team to enjoy their work every day and I see it as my job to provide the right context. This gives our consultants the autonomy and confidence to help our customers as they see fit.

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040821ZN-[EN+NL] - About Appical - Meghan

Meghan Parinussa

Head of CSM

The Customer Success Team is responsible for the retention and growth of our client portfolio. We act as sparring partner for our clients to make them successful in the use of our platform and give their new hires the best onboarding experience possible.

My mission is to ensure every member of the team can shine in the way she/he wishes, from their own skills and always with connection as the basic ingredient.

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