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What was Euler Hermes’ onboarding challenge?

With more than 1700 employees in 15+ countries and still growing, Euler Hermes Northern-Europe started developing a harmonized onboarding strategy across their dispersed regions. Their goal was to guide every new employee with an easier transition into the organisation and to have the same look and feel everywhere, regardless of any local differences or mandatory rules. 

To fit their new onboarding strategy, Euler Hermes Northern-Europe was looking for one consistent and efficient approach for onboarding through one platform as Northern-Europe has the challenge of onboarding yearly +/-300 new employees. After an extensive research trajectory and comparing various options, they chose to work with Appical.

How does Euler Hermes’ onboarding program look like now?

Serhat Kakçi, Senior Regional HR-Controlling & HRIS took on the job of Project Manager Onboarding. He started ‘small’ with creating an onboarding roadmap for the two countries within the Northern European region. Besides providing company-wide information, he collaborated with all local HR departments across Northern Europe to gather relevant local information for new hires. Euler Hermes’ onboarding process is structured around three phases: 

  • Pre-boarding
  • The first day, first week & month
  • The first three months
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Personal onboarding.
At a global scale.


New employees are granted access to the first part of the app three weeks before they start. Here, new employees get an introduction to the company strategy, culture, values and EVP including videos and testimonials from their new colleagues. This way new employees are engaged early and proactively.

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First day, first week & first month

Through the app, the new employees are introduced to the company structure, business lines and key figures. They are also introduced to the HR Business Partners and how they can develop their careers at Euler Hermes, including the availability of a Learning & Development Catalogue, Talent Management Cycle and mandatory policies, forms and e-learnings.

030821ZN-[EN+NL] - Euler Hermes - First day week & month

First three months

In the final part of the app, new employees will learn more about employee benefits, referral programs, payroll and holiday booking. When completed the app, an evaluation of the onboarding app awaits them to improve the onboarding program even more.

030821ZN-[EN+NL] - Euler Hermes - First three months
Serhat Kakci from Euler Hermes
“People are the most important asset. We are highly valuing our People Centric approach by investing in innovative ‘People Initiatives’ in order to increase the Employee Experience.”

Serhat Kakçi, Senior Regional HR-Controlling & HRIS

How will Euler Hermes’ onboarding journey continue?

The app is now live in all Northern European countries, but their innovative way of onboarding doesn’t stop there. They will continue to expand the app in various ways.

The platform will be rolled out in the Euler Hermes Group and beyond to its parent organization Allianz. The platform will also be expanded for internal mobility purposes (with a reboarding module) and for leaving personnel (with an offboarding module) and updated with ongoing releases of new features and content. 

The success of the onboarding app led to new innovative digital HR projects and initiatives, staying true to Euler Hermes Northern-Europe’s innovative, digital, and agile culture.

Euler Hermes - Facts

Facts that count

Out of 135 new hires that used the app, the onboarding platform scored…


on how useful the app was


on how welcome they felt at Euler Hermes


on rating Euler Hermes as a place to work

Advantages of the onboarding app

  • It enables Euler Hermes Northern-Europe becoming the ‘employer of choice’
  • Onboarding is part of the Euler Hermes Employee Value Proposition
  • Builds trust and alignment due to a structured onboarding roadmap
  • A targeted approach for multi-generational talents
  • A fun way of onboarding, increasing eagerness and excitement
  • Increased employee experience and maintaining employee centricity
  • Digital onboarding supports ‘learning anywhere & anytime’ approach

Discover why Euler Hermes
works with Appical

“We are scoring a 9.3 out of 10 that the app is being considered as very useful.”

Serhat Cakçi

Senior Regional HR-Controlling & HRIS at Euler Hermes

Reactions of new hires

“I was really surprised when I found out that there is such an application for New Joiners. The information was very useful, even though by the time of the “first day” I tried to learn as much as possible about the organization.” – Ciprian

“This app is simply fantastic. I think it saves a lot of time and I am glad that I had the pleasure to find useful information thanks to this tool.”  – Antonia 

“It helped me get to know the new world I was going to work in and connect me easily with the environment, even before I started.”  – Otilia

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“The Appical onboarding platform ensures that new colleagues set off to a good start: well prepared and with a fresh perspective.”

Geert Wernaart, Learning & Development Advisor

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