Attract and retain your new employees

Create stellar employee experiences even before day one - whether your new hires work remotely, on-site or hybrid.

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Unlock the full potential of your new hires

In a hybrid, on-site or remote work environment

For Human Resources

Ditch the dull and dusty welcome by replacing it with a virtual yet personal onboarding experience! Create better first days for new hires and set them up for success from the start, while automating unnecessary administrative work.


For Talent Acquisition

Happy employees attract like-minded recruits. Empower your new talents by creating a stellar onboarding experience and turn new hires into brand ambassadors before they’ve even started.


For Executives

Onboarding that's done right improves productivity and prevents the loss of talent down the road. Future-proof your onboarding to ensure every new hire has the best start while working remote, on-site or hybrid. Continue

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“People are the ‘tree trunk’ of an organisation, which is making them the most important asset. We find it important that our employees have an inspiring and compelling place to work.”

Serhat Kakçi, Regional Head of Reward & Performance – Northern Europe at Allianz Trade

Let the facts do the talking


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Appical for preboarding

Get new hires on board before they start!

Start the learning curve before their first working day so your new hires become involved faster and get productive quicker.

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Give your new hires the warm welcome they deserve!

Spark human connections with a digital and interactive onboarding experience and onboard new employees no matter if they are in the office or work remote. Your input is right at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Reboard your returning employees

Safely guide your employees back to the workspace. Whether your new employees started their journey from home and go to the workplace for the first time or your existing employees return to the office, the transition to a new way of working takes a lot of getting used to. 

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Turn departing employees into brand ambassadors

With a structured offboarding process in place, you retain knowledge, collect feedback and maintain good relationships with former employees. Create loyal, loving fans for life.

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What our onboarding platform can do for you

We don't need to tell you that onboarding is important for engaging and retaining your talent. But what exactly can an onboarding platform do for you and your organization? We are happy to explain it to you!

Our colleague Nils will explain more about the different features of our onboarding platform.

Keep learning.

From best practices to topical industry insights, the Appical blog delves into subjects across Preboarding, Onboarding, Offboarding, Employee empowerment, HR technology and much more!

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