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The administrative burden on managers and HR is reduced by using the app

Automate your onboarding process and save time filling out, filing, and finding lost paperwork.

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Thanks to Appical, new employees get to know us in a modern way, which makes them feel at home in our organisation even faster.

Deliver a warm welcome

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Appical creates more contact moments during the candidate journey, which automatically results in closer bonding with the organization

Establish connections right from the start by giving an unforgettable onboarding experience.

Empower your employees all throughout the employee journey.

At the right time, in the right place

Unlock content when needed, anywhere and anytime

Personalised experience

Create a tailored journey based on location, offices, roles and more

Seamless integrations with Core HR Systems

Effortlessly connect Appical to the software solutions you already use

Insightful reports

Monitor the results of your new employee remotely at a glance

See why Wortell works with Appical

“Appical helps our employees take in all the know-how available in the organization a lot quicker.”

Friso Visser

Employer Branding Marketer

This is onboarding with Appical


Increase of efficiency in first weeks


HR hours saved with automation


Rating of our Customer Support team!

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Bring the employee’s journey to a perfect end with an offboarding program

Provide your departing employees with a structured and memorable offboarding experience and let them leave as brand ambassadors.


Of HR managers worldwide see employee experience grow in importance

50 minutes well spent

Onboarding new employees

Attracting and retaining talent and developing skills are at the top of every company's agenda. The time it takes to recruit new employees and the high costs involved mean that everyone who joins a company needs to get to work and be productive as soon as possible.

Open vacancies and unproductive employees lead to increased pressure on the existing workforce as they are required to bear an additional workload, which consequently leads to underperformance.

The first days in a new job are therefore crucial. New employees have to get used to a new company culture, their roles and colleagues, and will want to make a good first impression on their managers. 

The modern approach to onboarding has evolved in such a way that it provides all employees with all the knowledge needed to be successful, supporting them during their development from job candidate to productive employee. In the past, there was a good chance that new hires had to wait until their first working day before they could meet new colleagues, handle paperwork and start learning. Successful organizations are now starting this process much earlier.

How effective is your onboarding program?

Download the eBook and answer the seven questions to find out whether your company's approach to onboarding is giving new employees the support they need to be successful. 

Hello HR, meet our onboarding platform

Our specialists are experts when it comes to employee journeys and are there for you to find out what the platform can do for your organization.

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Appical adds value for your organization. Discover it by calculating your Return On Investment.

Adding Appical to your HR-tech suite requires an investment. But, we do see a positive Return On Investment for each organization we work with. Therefore we invite you to request a personalized ROI-calculation to see what the ROI of your investment will be. Of course we will show you our platform as well to see if you like the features and capabilities.

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Keep learning.

From best practices to industry insights, the Appical blog dives into the subjects we love most: from Pre/Onboarding over Reboarding to Offboarding. Employee empowerment starts here.

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