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Give a memorable offboarding to your departing employees and turn them into ambassadors of your brand

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Turn departing employees into brand ambassadors

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What is offboarding?

I can tell you all about it

With a structured offboarding process, you do way more than just give a proper farewell.

Retain knowledge, collect feedback and maintain relationships with former employees.

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"The Appical offboarding platform provides us with a lot of information about possible improvements for the future. We felt it was important to get feedback about our culture, the management, working conditions and employee benefits”

Sasja Luijk, HR Manager at Zeiss

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For HR

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Help your organisation improve

Collect valuable feedback outside the exit interview and find out more about how your culture, compensation and benefits are perceived.

Retain valuable information

Losing an employee should not mean you lose their knowledge - use interactive (and anonymous) surveys, quizzes and games to make sure important information stays within.

Create ambassadors

Employees are the face of the organization, even after they leave! Ensure yours stay loyal with a structured offboarding process.

Offboarding For C-Suite

For Executives

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Improve your employer brand

With a memorable farewell, your departing employees will continue promoting your brand and can help refer future customers or colleagues. 

Gather knowledge and experience

Departing employees are a valuable source of information to help your organisation improve


Contribute to cost savings

A good offboarding process keeps the door open for boomerang employees, reducing future recruitment and training costs!

Offboarding For Talent Acquisition

For Talent Acquisition

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Improve your employer brand

By delivering a great experience throughout the whole employee journey, you ensure departing employees leave with good feedback on glassdoor, etc.

Boomerang hires

Save recruitment and training costs by leaving the door open for a return of top performers.

Retain valuable information

Collect valuable feedback outside the exit interview and find out more about how your culture, compensation and benefits are perceived (and can be improved)

Offboarding For Empowered Employees

… and most importantly
For empowered employees

Leave on a high note

By receiving the farewell that suits your individual employees the most, you ensure they continue to promote your brand after their departure.

At own pace

Every departure is unique - Empower your employees to receive the goodbye that they feel most comfortable with

Retain information

Make implicit knowledge explicit and ensure your new hire starts with everything they need.

Show that you value your employees

Turn departing employees into brand ambassadors

Our offboarding specialists are experts when it comes to structuring the optimal offboarding process and are there to help you set up one central platform for retaining information, collecting feedback and empowering leavers.

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Organisations spend 8 times less attention to offboarding than onboarding

Provide your departing employees with a structured and memorable offboarding experience and let them leave as brand ambassadors.

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From best practices to industry insights, the Appical blog dives into the subjects we love most: from Pre/Onboarding over Reboarding to Offboarding. Employee empowerment starts here.

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