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Empower your employees throughout their journey: from preboarding to offboarding

Yes, the first day of your new hire is important. But what happens before that day and even after the employee decides to leave the company, has a huge impact on the relationship with your employees as well. The most successful programs include the following phases: preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding. Appical assists in each and every one of those phases. 

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Start onboarding before day one

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Eliminate first-day jitters and ensure new employees feel right at home at your company with a dedicated preboarding programme. New hires receive all the information they need to know about your organization and their first day at the (virtual) office. Set your new hires up for a successful and productive start.

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Increase productivity and retain talent

This is how we do it.

Set new hires up for success

By starting the experience in the preboarding phase, you allow new hires to reach their full potential quicker and build an emotional connection early in their employee journey.

Interactive and engaging content

Create appealing content without having to program. Make the information more engaging and easy to digest with games, interactive quizzes and videos. We also notify new hires when new content is available for them!

Create brand ambassadors

Transform your new employees into committed and enthusiastic ambassadors. Ensure they love their job and organization from the start. Happy employees will go the extra mile and will share their enthusiasm with others.

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Save time and costs for your organization

Our virtual platform helps you to:

Automate your processes

Make sure every new hire has a great first day with an automated onboarding process, while you save time on repetitive administrative tasks.

Connect Appical to your HR-tools

No matter if it's ATS or core HR systems, effortlessly maintain the way you work by connecting and synchronizing Appical to the software solutions you already use.

Monitor the results

Our digital platform gives you all the information you need to follow the progress and results of new employees at a glance. Via the dashboards you can manage and improve your digital onboarding program.

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Scale your onboarding process

Without losing the personal touch.

Create personal journeys

Build a scalable - yet personal - onboarding process. Make sure each new hire receives the information that is relevant to them, depending on their location, department or specific role.

Involve stakeholders

Onboarding is teamwork. Our tools simplify the preparation process for all stakeholders involved to ensure an on-time and pleasant onboarding experience for each new hire.

Keep your data safe

The safety and privacy of your data is our highest priority. We transfer and store your data via advanced encryption standards and are ISO 27001 certified.

We help you build a new hire's journey in 4 steps

Start with a design workshop

Build your journey

Upload your content

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Create empowered employees!

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Discover how new hires feel

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What is the dress code? Where can I park my car? And should I bring lunch? Starting a new job is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Ease your new hires' nerves by providing information on forehand so they already know the company and are still as enthusiastic as when the contract was signed. 

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Set up your new hires for success

by establishing goals and focus for the first 90 days

It's 30 minutes well spent

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