A new hire’s onboarding experience at Appical

Let’s have a chat with Manouk! Manouk is 25 years old, lives in Zaandam and she started her journey this month as a Junior Copywriter at Appical. 

Curious to know how she experienced her onboarding journey within an onboarding company? Keep reading!

Why did you choose to start working at Appical?

“I was looking for a job as a Junior Copywriter. I found it especially important to find a company that fits my needs as a person. I wanted to wake up in the morning before work with a feeling of excitement! I found Appical while searching for copywriting jobs. From the first moment Appical appeared on my screen I was intrigued. A platform that helps people feel comfortable at their new job? Wow! I immediately knew I wanted to contribute to Appicals mission and I decided to send in my application.”

How did you experience the onboarding journey so far? 

“It’s been an eye-opening experience! The app started with a ‘countdown’ until my first day. 10 days before I started working, some of the content was unlocked and my journey began with the preboarding phase. This phase made sure that I was properly prepared for my first day and provided me with mostly practical information. When I finished the preboarding phase, the onboarding phase of the app was unlocked the moment I stepped into the office!”

How was your first day at the office of Appical?

“So, so good! The whole marketing team came together to give me a warm welcome. I was surprised when I saw my desk was loaded with goodies. There was a bag, a notebook, a powerbank, a water bottle, a very cute teddy bear and a note with a welcoming text. Everything was very well prepared: all my devices were set up quickly and after that I was ready to get to know my colleagues better. Besides that, I was guided by two buddies who helped me with everything during the day."


What kind of information was shared with you in the app during your preboarding & onboarding journey?

“All kinds of information! In the beginning, it was mostly practical information as well as  information about the history of the company and the company culture. Later on they shared more about who is working at Appical, the systems that Appical works with and some interactive games. I am still in the middle of the process so I can’t reveal everything, but it’s been super helpful!”

In what way is this onboarding experience different from your experience with other companies? 

"Previous experiences working at other companies taught me exactly what I want and what I don’t want in a company. It wasn’t even common for me to be onboarded in the first place. I thought it was ‘normal’ to feel nervous and to ‘just see how it goes’ on the first day. With Appical, I knew exactly what was expected from me before I even started. Everything was clear, structured and fun!"

What do you like most about the onboarding experience at Appical?

“This one is hard to answer because I am enjoying the whole process! I think I'll go for the way that I was welcomed on my first day. Everything was perfectly prepared in the app during the preboarding, but a warm welcome in person is the most important part to me. There was such a calm and happy atmosphere throughout the day! We also had lunch together and the focus was mainly about getting to know each other instead of diving directly into my first tasks.” 

Do you believe that the onboarding experience actually makes a big difference and why?

“Definitely! On my first day I felt that I was already part of the family. Many colleagues came to my desk to have a little chat and to check up on me. I really felt that I was ‘breaking the ice’ immediately with my new colleagues. At the same time, I wasn’t nervous to come to the office on my first day which is very rare for almost anyone."

Why would you recommend Appical to other organisations?

“Onboarding is so much more than having your desk decorated when you arrive. Appical uses 4 phases: preboarding, onboarding, reboarding and offboarding. You are guided throughout your entire journey! There are many things that you look for when starting a new job and Appical ticks all the boxes. Using the onboarding app takes away a lot of uncertainties and makes sure you feel at home very quickly! Now that I’m on this onboarding journey myself, I believe everybody who is starting a new job deserves an experience like this!”

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