3 mistakes every company makes when onboarding new hires

# 1 – The content jungle

Particularly in big companies, there is a lot of content that can be found on the Intranet, or worse, spread out over the different departments. Gathering the right content, in combination with deciding which content should be shared with whom, is extremely important for a successful onboarding of new hires. Many organisations flood new employees with an avalanche of content on day 1. Not really the soft landing they hoped for. When it comes to content, make sure everything is offered in bite-sized chunks. Develop a blueprint for the onboarding programme in collaboration with managers, marketing and HR and plot the most important content in each phase.

# 2 – The department manager is not involved in the onboarding programme

The manager plays a hugely important role when a new employee starts his job. Did you know that in the majority of cases, a poor relationship with the manager is given as the main reason for leaving? Involving the department managers in the onboarding process is extremely beneficial to your company. Support your managers in the onboarding programme, by giving them insight in the performance of the new employees and by letting them play an active role as a coach.

# 3 – Copy / paste an existing onboarding programme

Simply copying an existing onboarding format and applying it to your company happens a lot, but is really ‘not done’. The manual and the Intranet are a thing of the past. New employees should be stimulated using the latest technology. They are always online, eager and interested in technology. They want to be immersed in your culture and want to feel special.

Involve a number of recent newcomers in setting up the onboarding programme. At the same time, also involve the real cultural influencers. This will result in a valuable and authentic onboarding programme.

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