3 tips for successfully onboarding new employees in logistics

The Optimal Employee Journey

Your industry my contain  many safety regulations and procedures. You also have to deal with employees who work in varying services across a large geographic area. With Appical, you create a generic onboarding program, with which you transfer knowledge categorically. In addition, you can monitor the progress of your employee and adjust if necessary during the pre-boarding, onboarding and off-boarding of colleagues. Do you want to read more about the Employee Journey and how this contributes to Employer Branding?

Accessibility is extremely important. An onboarding program must speak the language of the target group, be available at every location and, above all, it must be mobile-friendly. Complicated procedures are not always suitable for the intranet, often the 'real-life' approach works best. When there is no time to do this physically every time, Virtual Reality is a great solution. Let’s dive into the 3 most important tips for good onboarding.

1. Provide new employees with a welcome feeling and the right information they need during the early stage

Put yourself in your employees shoes! They will feel a bit overwhelmed during their first few days while they get accustomed to their new role. These early stages are critical for retaining your employees for the long term. Your first impression will last and the experience during their first few days will be what they talk about outside of work. Therefore, make a good impression by being prepared even before their first day! The 10 most frequently asked questions from candidates and new employees? With our platform, we facilitate the provision of information through storytelling. For example, CEVA Logistics focuses on their 'CEVAlization': in the app, videos and on the website. For other customers such as Thales and Smit Lamnalco, safety training is mandatory and so it is necessary to pay attention to this at an early stage. You maybe curious: can I share our safety regulations in multiple languages ​​with all employees? Yes! This is also possible via the app with our Multi Language function.

2. Request continue feedback and ensure that employee keeps feeling with the organization where he/she has just started

The onboarding of new employees is not only something for millennials, but also for the previous generations. Learn step by step within the organization. The manager often has the challenge to quickly get a new employee up to speed, which in peak times or seasons does not always have the same amount of time. Take a look at the article Reversing Low Employee Engagement In Manufacturing by Forbes where 4 focus points are given, likely: Two-way information sharing, User-focused functionality, Community-oriented capabilities, Reliable measurement tools.

Even if an employee does not always work from a fixed location, it is certainly advisable to stay in touch with each other. This applies not only to logistics, but just as well to secondment, for example.

3. Bring the enthusiasm to a peak that increases productivity and commitment

After the pre-boarding phase (until the first working day), continue the enthusiasm with the onboarding period and even after that! Call it Continuous Learning, call it career management. KLM uses our platform to onboard both new and temporary employees and to give them a real travel experience. Self-inquiry learning is central to this. If you work in an industry where a true customer experience is central, think of your employees first! In a previous blog we went into this in more detail. Read it here. Attract and retain employees within retail & FMCG? This is how you do it!

In addition to CEVA Logistics and KLM, we also assist Bosch, Royal Flora Holland, Connexxion and Arriva with their pre- & onboarding.

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