6 tips for a better onboarding program

#1 – Do not bombard new hires with lots of paperwork

Of course, there are plenty of papers to sign during the onboarding phase. But not everything has to be in by the first working day. Spread out the load, and let your employ do things at their own pace.

#2 – Schedule regular meetings with your new colleague

Onboarding takes time, especially in the first few months. You probably didn’t have the time, there’s a reason why you hired someone. But don’t forget that you really have to be there for your new employees in their first months. Regularly have a chat with them, to answer questions they may have. If you take enough time at the start, this reduces mistakes, improves productivity after the onboarding phase and creates a culture where people feel that they are heard and seen.

#3 – Be aware of the rules

This is especially important when it comes to onboarding new employees in the public sector, such as public institutions. Make sure everyone (recruitment, managers, HR) is aware of the most recent rules and regulations regarding the hiring of new staff. Also make sure that all parties involved have access to the most recent versions of documents such as certificates of conduct.

#4 – Make use of the technology that your onboarding programme has to offer

We live in 2017. These days, there is more to an onboarding programme than just organising a monthly introduction day with a talk by the CEO and a guided tour of the building. Your company probably uses various technologies and the chance that your new employee has their own smartphone is around 99.8%. Make use of that technology. You can easily set up an onboarding app for your new hires, which they can use at home or on the way to the office.

#5 – Keep personal data safe

Hiring new employees means that you receive a lot of e-mails, containing passport, ID and bank account numbers and other personal, sensitive information. It is important to ensure that this information is sent and stored in a secure manner, both to safeguard your new colleague’s privacy, but also for the safety of your organisation. Hacking and identity fraud are a real threat.

6. Don’t turn your Intranet into a jungle

The best way to onboard new hires is to ensure that all the information they need can be found in one place. This means documents (that need to be signed), manuals, videos, dictionaries, a who’s who, presentations, telephone lists and FAQs. The most frustrating thing for a new colleague is having to ask the same question ten times, and getting a different answer every time. Make life a lot easier for them. This will make your colleague more productive, more involved, and also happier!

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