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People increasingly expect more from the government and educational institutions, both as citizens and as employers. Equity and 'doing together' are key to make the next step. Do you have to deal with different locations where you might also work separately or different? Make onboarding interactive, relevant and fun with Appical! Higher educated people increasingly want to work within the non-profit sector, people who are at the forefront of the digital field as well as millennials. A different, more personal approach and interactive way of working in is required. 

Whether it is permanent staff, flex employees, but also trainees and trainees, give them a welcome feeling even before the first working day! You often have to work with large numbers of employees but you want to give a consistent organizational story.

The best features within our platform for non-profit & education are for example: integrity & fun, giving a welcome feeling and telling your organization story. How we do this? Read more about Appical in non-profit & education.

With Appical, Sint Lucas immediately makes new colleagues part of the Creative Community.’ View the case!

Strengthen your Employer Brand by a good onboarding!

With Appical you create dynamic content with impact through video or virtual reality. This ensures that every employee is informed quickly and efficiently. The municipality of Zeist and NVWA already share their story.

The biggest challenges we encounter within municipalities are mainly:

  • The consideration of whether or not to invest in Employer Branding
  • How we change the mindset from 'post and pray' to proactivity
  • The bonding and fascination of young talent
  • More collaboration internally and externally
  • Give priority to the introduction process
  • Allow managers to feel the need for a good onboarding program
  • Consider investing in new technology and embracing it (including HR tech!) SOURCE

Invest in your employees, give them the best onboarding experience! We help you through it

Provide new employees with a memorable onboarding experience

Get yourself informed why onboarding benefits your organisation and how you can provide new hires with a lasting onboarding experience! Discover in this eBook how other companies provide a memorable onboarding experience to their new employees. Download the eBook and get started!

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