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Employer Branding - How do I start tomorrow?

Why is Employer Branding so important?

  • 82% of all companies believe that Employer Branding gives them competitive advantage.
  • 40% more retention by organizing and implementing Employer Branding well.
  • Organizations that prioritize Employer Branding are 250% more likely to rate their overall talent acquisition.

(Source: Deloitte & Brandon Hall Group).

What should I pay attention to when finding my Employer Brand?

For companies looking for staff, it is important to distinguish themselves and to communicate unique selling points. Starting with more than a standard vacancy text: holidays, a company car. But also with a clear philosophy or working atmosphere. Only then we can talk about Employer Branding... After all, in a tight labor market, employers have to put themselves in the shop window.

September 13th the first event took place in a series of four, organized by Homerun and Spaces and we were there! For example, our own Employer Branding Specialist, read in the NRC, said:

"Do not only show your successes, but also the mistakes. A project that yielded little, for example. "Be authentic, is the motto.


Give people a 'family feeling' from the first day! Celebrate birthdays, arrange a small event on Valentine's Day, for example, or make a virtual office tour available. These small things also matter! Make it as easy as possible for new employees. Employees are valuable ambassadors, treat each other as you would like to be treated yourself. Make sure you know who you are looking for in relation to work and someone's personality so that you are certain that you have a good cultural and team fit on this basis. The most important thing to know is what employees fall in love with, what they get energy from and what they are going to run faster. What you can pay more attention to, you can read in a summary of the Employer Branding event.

What is it like to work in the field of  Employer Branding?

Did you know that companies are now jumping for new employees? And that within certain functions there is a serious shortage and employees can work anywhere? You can compare it with buying shoes, but also with the dilemma at the bakery. This time not about which sandwich they will choose, but which organization they want to work for. They are all sandwiches, at first glance they look the same, but of course they are not ... Well those differences matter and that is the job of an Employer Branding Specialist, to bring these differences to the surface. Making your own employees proud of their work in the organization, so that we can show people with real stories why working with us is so fun and challenging. Marketing, but for HR, internally and externally.

People tell stories, so use storytelling when communicating your Employer Brand!

5 concrete tips to start tomorrow:

By now everyone knows that we live in a candidate market. Employees can choose their employer, just as they choose their relationship themselves. Because do not forget: you get family for free, but you choose your employer yourself.

  • Make clear that you as an organization go for the long term and convince stakeholders of the importance of Employer Branding. That means in budget and decisiveness. At Harvard Business Review you will find a nice article about why CEOs should pay attention to Employer Branding.
  • You have a EVP (Employer Value Proposition). What do we stand for as an organization? When are you as an organization adding value to your staff?
  • Create a persona (image of the ideal candidate) if you are looking for new staff. Make this persona together with someone who already have the job himself! If you are looking for a .NET Developer, talk to a .NET Developer.
  • If you do not have a big budget, start with a small campaign and see what this will bring. Have a good look at which channels your target group is active on. Measuring = knowing.
  • Round the circle. That means: did you think you have run a successful campaign? Then go back to the starting point. Namely how did employees find it to work with and does the new employee also experience what he / she has been promised?

Looking for even more inspiration? This is how your employer Brand is born!

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