It was my first presentation after merging with Appical. It was super to experience the excitement I have for this beautiful onboarding solution is not solely mine, but a common ground of all the HR Directors and CHRO’s I have had the chance to speak too.

We met with the HR Directors of Uber, Unilever, Oxfam Novib, DSM amongst many others. It has been a truly inspiring event! The great thing was the open-mindedness all of the HR Directors we spoke with have towards changing economies and the influence that further tech disruption will have on stakeholders, roles. The ‘decoding millennials’ breakout session was very interactive and a huge success, it gave space to openly discuss today’s challenges and the right digital tooling for those challenges are warmly welcomed. The ‘employee journey‘ from hire to retire is what’s on these forward thinking HR Directors minds, a genuine match with us!

Today was bright and the future is even brighter! Stay in touch!