#1 – You don’t need a tool for predictive HR Analytics (but you want it)

The number one thing companies who do predictive HR analytics do well is playing the game of making soft data hard by a secret formula. Over 40% of the companies have a talent analytics platform in place and 38% of the companies have no tool yet but are looking for one. It’s hot in HR. But how do you do it? And do you always need tooling to reach your goals? Not necessarily, Angel Hoover from Willis Towers Watson shared.

Combining your employee engagement data and talent analytics capabilities can produce powerful insights for key employee segments

Begin to combine all data you have. There is many more data to play with than many organizations think or believe. For example:

  • Market comparison data
  • Human capital benchmarks
  • Talent Assesment questionnaires
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Succession plans
  • Business plans
  • Social media

When this data is collected, start segmenting your workforce to better understand and concentrate on where your investments will yield the most optimal returns. Don’t let the lack of technology stop you from doing so. Having a good analytics tool in place of course helps to identify, analyze, align and measure the employee journey. But her key message was clear:

Treat your workforce as consumers – engage them in the same way you engage a customer.

#2 – Let your employees tell your brand story

Hannah West from the big international insurance company AXA shared her thoughts on building a great employer brand. AXA experiences 34% of the talent in their target group didn’t know the AXA brand. They decided to think out of the box and started an internal competition called ‘The Great Global Adventure’. Colleagues from all over the world could apply and win the trip of a lifetime. Their very own Great Global Adventure.

The competition itself created a Major PR buzz, but that was just the beginning. the content made by the 3 winners all had to do with the new AXA values without being to much ‘markety’ content. Meaning they brought their brand identity straight into the eyes of the talent they wanted to attact. Some numbers:

  • 362 video’s posted
  • 10K visits per month!
  • 5K visits to one poular post
  • 46.000 talents in database

Hannah also pointed out that candidates are customers and that HR should think like marketing much more. I can totally agree with her on that (and I don’t only say that because I am a marketer myself). Think segmentation, employee journey mapping, identify touch points and make sure you are aware of your brand buzz by monitoring it!

# 3 If people join your company and don’t know the brand you’ll lose business

Nela Wilten from Heineken explained that at Heineken everything circles around one thing: that perfectly tapped Heinken beer. Star served. To maximize revenue and make sure in all bars, pubs, clubs, erverywhere out of home you get the exact same Heineken quality you have to allign all your employees. Easier said than done. To create a perfect sales onboarding Heineken teamed up with Appical creating a sales onboarding app making sure that.

  • Every new account manager and brand ambassador has enoug knowledge and is able to work according Heineken standards
  • The app has to be modular, had to have a buddy system, must be streamlined with sales academy content and must be applicable in other business units.

By generating a seamless sales onboarding experience Heineken creates brand ambassadors who, no matter where they are in the world, always do the check on that perfectly star served Heineken beer. How cool is that?

#4 – Your employees are your customers.

Anne Jaakke from Hunkemöller gave me a very crisp insight about their new hire and customer persona who is called Shero (She + Hero). Her profile is based on current data of Hunkemöller´s member base. ‘Shero’ is 28 years old, she lives in a metropolitan area, is social, has a boyfriend named Eric, buys online and in store, works out a lot and loves chocolate.

When you understand who your customer is, you can start approaching her from the HR perspective. If our customers want to have a world-class experience in our stores, what kind of people we need to make that happen? Our employees must be able to create a genuine contact and share the love to Hunkemöller brand with the customers.

Hunkemöller grows very fast so with all these applications it’s major important to support your employee journey with technology. Hunkemoller started using video applications and created two apps: a welcome app for new employees and the ‘In Touch’ app for employees to stay social and connected to the whole company. What were the results:

  • Conversion of 30% globally (completed video interviews vs. invites)
  • 80% of completed are forwarded to stores (quality is high)
  • Hiring rate – 1:5 instead of 1:12
  • Turnover (average stay) – 4 months increased to 5 months
  • 80% downloads app, 30% daily usage
  • 24/7 in touch with all employees
  • Directly in touch with leaders
  • Hunkemoller got rid of annual  customer research but started using hashtag monitoring as an indicator of customer happiness.

#5 – Building a startup is like playing a game of Twister

Our CEO Gerrit Brouwer made a nice comparison during his brief speech at the Camp Nou stadium before the HR Corelab5 Cocktail reception (check it out on YouTube). Building a startup is like playing a game of Twister.

Left hand on blue… Right foot on red. When you are building a company you are often in the situation that you have to make decisions on the spot. And you don’t have a 1000 employee company to ask for feedback; you are on your own together with your core team. Things are never finished. That might give you an itchy feeling but that is a feeling you have to get used to. Furthermore: hire character and train skill. And last but not least: you can not win all deals. And that is ok! Look at it from a distance, reflect on where you are. Give yourself some credit and stay positive. Because in the end, we don’t reach packs without experiencing some rock bottom feelings. So these are Appical’s 6 crash course startup bootcamp tips:

  1. Focus!
  2. Stay agile- continuously live in beta
  3. The glass is always half full
  4. You win some you lose some
  5. The journey is more important than the destination
  6. Hire great people – Like these guys:

Appical Team