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What kind of organization are you? And in which sector are you active? We help you to choose the optimal structure and user flow.

Anyone who thinks that onboarding is only important for millennials, you’re wrong... People need effective onboarding regardless their age. This makes them feel at home and they will develop more easily into productive and successful employees.

Discover which 'unwritten rules' apply to millennials, senior employees and flex workers. In addition, discover which best practices there are within your sector. We understand that you are looking for a frame of reference and have therefore listed a number of case studies for you. We would like to show you examples of organizations within finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, non-profit and SMEs. Earlier on we wrote a blog about attracting and retaining employees within retail & FMCG.

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Create impressive slides. All parts are predesigned and can easily be converted to your company branded house style. Games, Augmented Reality, video. We have thought of everything!

Successful organizations do start much earlier in the crucial onboarding process. Ask yourself the question: when does onboarding starts? What information do I make available? Who is responsible? And how do we make a special experience of the first day? Curious about the 7 questions to find out if your onboarding is successful?

New employees already get to know colleagues through the Peoplefinder. They watch a welcome video from the manager and get a look at the office via Augmented Reality. The employee can also check whether all required documents have been signed and submitted and they will receive all information for the first working day via the app.

Once started, the employee can chat with the manager or buddy and feedback can be given directly in the platform.

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Is your Appical platform the way you want it? With a single click, we publish your app in the app stores. Of course you can also access it via the desktop.

Traditional approaches to onboarding were very HR-oriented. But as onboarding is not just for millennials, the implementation of the onboarding process have to be not only dependent on HR. Discover which stakeholders you can involve best in setting up an effective training program and GO!

Together with you we create an online onboarding program that will be as solid as a rock within a few weeks. We do this with our own designed Onboarding Game! From the eyes of a 'new hire' we look at what information is needed and when. After this we ensure that a blueprint of the first version of your app is ready. This is the point at which your project group can give concrete meaning to the content for the app. Our blueprints give you the first push in the right direction!

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Onboarding is hot! This is the time to choose the right onboarding solution for your organization.

Organizations with a good onboarding program do have:

  • 66% better relationship between time and productivity
  • 54% higher employee satisfaction
  • 50% higher retention of new employees

Step by step to the ultimate onboarding program with Appical in just 8 weeks?

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