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New Feature March 2018 – Multi Language

What is the new feature about?

Starting today it’s possible to create a customer journey that’s available in more than one language. It was already possible to change the standard text in the app to the set language (text in the buttons etc.). With the Multi Language feature you can create different versions of your own pages and content in different languages. You might have new hires that prefer to have the app and your content in Chinese instead of English for example. It’s up to them to choose in which language they want to see their content. ??????????

multi language feature

What are the benefits of this feature for our customers and users?

Before the update it was already possible to show the content in different languages to new hires, but therefore it was necessary to create multiple courses. HR had to invite the new hire for a particular course. Last year we introduced contextual tagging. Contextual content makes it possible to show a new hire solely the content that is of interest to them. Do you have specific content for a country, office or job profile? You can offer new hires a fitting experience with this feature, without creating separate courses. The Multi Language feature makes it possible to show this content in different languages as well! Now that’s next level User Experience!

Is your company for example located in the Netherlands, but your new hire speaks English and German? He or she can now also choose to start learning Dutch in a fun and motivated way! If the Dutch version isn’t that clear, the new hire can always switch to English or German. In this way, the user managers of the app, will not have to check every single invitation by language.

Nice to know!

  • For now we offer our customers the following languages: English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Tigrinya and Norwegian.
  • As for now the Multi Language feature is only available on the desktop version. It will be available for our native mobile app in the next update somewhere around the end of March!

Stay tuned for next updates!

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