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Onboard.Amsterdam ?

There are many events, but we noticed the lack of an Employee Journey focused one. So we created it! The goal of Onboard.Amsterdam is to let the HR community take a deep look into the relevance and importance of onboarding and the entire Employee Journey. To inspire people in HR about topics such as employer branding, pre- & onboarding, off-boarding, candidate experience, talent retention, diversity, HR tech & personal development. We do this not only through excellent content but also through the unique experience at the event!

Onboard.Amsterdam is only a few months away! Guarantee your spot now and enjoy the Early Bird tickets. Get your ticket here!

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What can you expect on Onboard.Amsterdam?

  • An insight into the culture of companies such as Netflix, TrainMore, Alber Heijn, DHL, IBM and many more…
  • Tips & tricks on how to improve the Employee Journey for your candidates and thus prevent Talent Retation!
  • Learn how Tech can be an addition to the Employee Experience.
  • An unforgettable experience full of inspiring speakers, instructive workshops, sparkling acts and a popping network party.

Employee Journey

We can also call the employee journey the ‘red thread’ when it comes to good employer branding, a unique onboarding program and an optimal employee experience before, during and after employment, including when someone leaves the organization (offboarding). Together we will map out the touch points within the Employee Journey so that you can immediately start working on it within your organization.


Onboard.Amsterdam features the top HR representatives from around the world to discuss and share thoughts about the importance of the Employee Journey. This year the event will take place in the Kromhouthal and the program will be take over 3 stages: Mainstage, Made in Holland Internship (Moderated by Impraise) and the Interactive Stage.

You can find the provisional program for the event here.


Onboard.Amsterdam is only a few months away! Guarantee your spot now and enjoy the Early Bird tickets! Get your ticket here!

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