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Onboarding & e-learning are hot in the financial sector

Employees more productive?

Technological developments are going fast, including within the financial sector and data plays an more and more important role in this. How cool would it be if you could continue these technological developments to the onboarding of new finance employees?

The peak of the millennial generation is around the year 2035. Investing in attracting young professionals has more priority than ever before. It is also logical when you think of employees who have had good onboarding are up to 83% more productive (Whitepaper ROI).

Investing in your employees and good onboarding is the highest ROI you can make today

Communication at all levels

Compliance is important for you, but also the relationship between colleagues and those of employee and manager. Often the manager does not have time to take the new colleague the whole day by hand, but through the app you can also stay in touch with each other. Other advantages of our platform? Check out the best features for financial & professional services.

An onboarding program not only helps to more productive and to communicate better with your colleagues, but also to retaining talent in an often worldwide environment.

You can find some nice examples of customers in the financial sector with our case studies. We are proud of, among others, Baker Tilly Berk and Delta Llyod. The applications are ideal for both permanent employees and the flexible shell. Baker Tilly Berk even uses the app as a unique selling point within her campus recruitment. So you see that good onboarding is also indispensable within your Employer Branding strategy and a smooth employee experience, in which the candidate does not realize that everything is linked to your applicant tracking system.

To conclude, we want to give you some final tips on how your finance staff can be successfully onboard:

  • Introduce the new employee within the entire organization
  • Plan trainings
  • Stay in touch (check-in)
  • Plan a 'first thing' meeting

Want to know more about our implementation options? With our road map your onboarding program is live in no time. Read more about it in our blog in 8 weeks an onboarding program as solid as a rock!


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