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Earlier on an article was pusblished on RTL Nieuws - About the (long) road to a quality certificate and RTL Z - You can learn how to certify.


Wednesday, July 25, we received our certification. Together with all colleagues and an external advisor privacy, data & security we have been working really hard for about two to three months to get the organization ready for the external audit. Such an intensive certification process immediately puts your business operations on the spot. Everyone was asked to think about where data comes from, what we do with it, where it is stored, who is allowed to have access and where and when it’s eventually removed. Where we first thought that processes would take longer, we now see that it doesn’t get in the way of our speed of action and we are constantly working on acceleration.

The road to it

The MT explained why this ISO certification was and is so important to us. In fact, everyone had already noticed for a long time that there was great demand for this, from the customer and from ourselves. Of course we were already very busy with information security, but customers often came to us and asked the proof of this.

After the first internal presentation to the entire organization, it was decided to appoint one or two ‘managers’ within each team to explain and visualize the process within their department. This formed the basis for our internal manual, which describes all procedures that are actually followed up into practice. In the run-up to the audit, we sat down with these managers weekly to share the results with the entire company. The latest was immediately the biggest challenge: creating awareness among our employees, so that everyone knows exactly what they have to do in which situation. When we had everything on track, the auditors from certification institute BSI came by and we’re happy to announce that we passed!  

In the context of practice what you preach, we also ‘onboarded’ our own employees  with the ISO module within our platform.


ISO - 27001 has already delivered us a huge amount of time. Showing our provisional certificate prevents the long questionnaires, because companies now have objective evidence that we handle their data properly. That is why the turnaround time of commercial projects has become much shorter. The certification process was a major investment in both time and money, but we know for sure that it will yield us more in the long term than it has cost us. A quality mark, for example, of ISO, NEN or VCA means an interesting competitive advantage, and an absolute process optimization. All this years of experience as first-mover in the world of onboarding, the entire experience and the quality certificate also make us proud.

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ISO - Appical

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