How to implement the app of Appical? Meet team Delivery

You’re considering taking onboarding within your company to the next level. And you are trying to convince your manager and your colleagues of the power of a strong onboarding. You've read up on our platform, but you don't know exactly what happens after you sign the contract. Time to meet Team Delivery!

How can Team Delivery help you?

Appical is a SaaS platform. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a model in which software applications are delivered over the Internet, as a service. You can therefore set up this platform yourself. But for HR employees, there are many other priorities besides onboarding.

Team Delivery not only helps you implement the app. The team is also there to monitor the deadlines and guide you through this process. And as was just mentioned, the design of the app is mainly done by our customers themselves. So you (together with your colleagues) take care of the content that will appear in the app. And you eventually put this in the app yourself. A fun and educational challenge!

Meet our Heroes: The faces behind Team Delivery

The team consists of 8 colleagues. In addition to Teamlead Eric-Jan, the team is divided into project managers and implementation consultants.

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The project managers are real centipedes who oversee the bigger projects. They set out the lines, determine the framework and keep a close eye on the deadlines. In addition, the project managers ensure the integration of the systems goes well, and they take care of good stakeholder management. Project managers manage the complete timeline of the project.

“My goal as a project manager is to make the project run as smoothly as possible. The most important thing is the entire communication, monitoring the deadlines, preparing the materials and discussing the possibilities. We want to deliver the project well and I am the primary contact person for this. This contributes a lot to the experience of the customer.” - Esmé, project manager

Implementation consultants

The implementation consultants help customers set up and use the app in the best way possible. They will show exactly how the tool works. And they know precisely how our customers can get started with it in the right way. Implementation consultants work very specifically and only on implementing the app, together with the customer.

“My goal as an implementation consultant is that my client really gets the most out of the Appical platform. I want a great match between the app and the type of new hires. And together I want to ensure that the app fully meets the wishes of the target group”. - Juliette, implementation consultant

Does the implementation differ per type of company?

The larger your organization is and the more licenses are purchased, the bigger the implementation project is. That is why expectation management is extremely important. For example, an enterprise customer goes through a different process than a customer with a smaller company that only goes live in the Netherlands. And so the duration of the implementation also varies considerably.

That is why we discuss in advance what you can expect. Not only in terms of project planning, but also of the consultant and possibly the project manager.

Team Delivery has 10 years of experience with implementations for various organizations. Think of governments, healthcare institutions, ministries or IT companies. But also corporates and more commercial companies. This resulted in an experienced team that can support any type of company well.

Which fases do you go through when implementing the app? 

Fase 1: Scoping call, projectplanning

The first phase mainly focuses on creating the right expectations and planning. You do this during the so-called scoping call. A project schedule is also made in this phase.

Fase 2: Designworkshop, platformtraining, internal session

The design phase is more creative, in which you will design your app together with the implementation consultant. What information will it contain, and which chapters will it have? You will also be trained on the correct deployment and use of the app at the front and back. 

Fase 3: Work sessions, progress meeting

Then you get to work yourself during the work sessions. Is your first chapter about the history of the company? Then it is important to provide a great piece of content for this. And you can give it your own twist. This also applies to the other chapters. Progress meetings are scheduled to see how things are going.

Fase 4: Review session, settings call

You have already made great progress. The app is designed and filled with content. Now it is all about optimizing the app. You do this during a review session. A great opportunity to dot the i's and to check together whether all the settings are correct.

Fase 5: Testing the app, adjustments, launch

The final stage is here! It's time for employees to test the app. This often provides valuable insights, so final changes can be made here and there. And then you're all set to launch the app with full confidence!


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*Are you an enterprise customer? Then there are additional phases. The above is mainly intended to give you an idea of ​​the content integration in the app.

Can the app be deployed in multiple countries?

Appical works together with local companies, but also with multinationals. Do you work for a multinational? Then Team Delivery makes a blueprint during the design workshop: a template that can be used for multiple countries. When the app is deployed in multiple countries, we call this a rollout. 

The global content (the blueprint) is used as content that is important for every new employee, anywhere in the world. Afterwards the local content will be implemented: the content which can be adapted per country or region. Think of the dress code, the provision of lunch, the route to the office and other practical matters. The options vary: it depends on which choice you make as a customer. 

“If you look at the distribution of content and building journeys, this is so easy and self-evident that you can expand your app very quickly. And on top of that you have a team that helps you with it”. - Eric-Jan, Head of Delivery

What happens after the app is implemented?

After the implementation, all loose ends are dealt with. Team Delivery ensures that all things you encounter as a customer are taken care of during the go-live. Think of user management, any bugs or the operation of the system.

Internal and external transfer

This is followed by a transfer, both internally and externally. Internally, the Delivery team ensures that everything is properly transferred to the colleagues of Team CSM (Customer success management). They are responsible for you as a customer after implementation. So you switch contacts. This is part of the external transfer, in which we reflect on the entire process together with the customer.

Equal expectations and clarity are therefore very important. Hopefully you now have a better picture of the implementation process at Appical. Do you have questions or do you want to know more about our product? Then take a look at our website or schedule a short call for more information. See you soon, hopefully!


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