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How to measure employee engagement? 101 Questions to ask your employees

Are you ready to take your company's engagement to the next level, but feeling a little lost on how to start? Don't worry, we've got your back! Our comprehensive list of 101 questions will help you gather valuable feedback from your employees.

Making onboarding Generation Z proof

Generation Z is making its way into today’s labour market. Learn more about this generation and find out how to make them feel at home in your workplace.

How to create a successful onboarding journey?

In this whitepaper you"ll read all about onboarding and how you can use it in your organization. We also discuss the 7 C's of onboarding and show you a number of best practices!

How to convince your boss to invest in (digital) onboarding?

In this e-book, we tell you exactly how you can build your case to convince your key decision-maker to say yes to Appical (and any other platform)! 

Appical turns 10: Our Ultimate Onboarding Learnings

In 10 years time we have learned a lot about onboarding. In this e-book you will read about the experiences of 10 colleagues, learn everything about onboarding (from preboarding to hybrid onboarding) and find out what our 10 biggest onboarding lessons are.


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From best practices to topical industry insights, the Appical blog delves into subjects across Preboarding, Onboarding, Offboarding, Employee empowerment, HR technology and much more!

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