Empowering your employees starts with good onboarding

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We’re driven to digitize and boost the employee experience through innovative technology, so your employees are successful in their everyday job 🎉.


Empowering employees is a culture.

It takes an increase in trust, clear communication, and strategic delegation.
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Communicate the purpose of the organization

By clearly communicating the purpose of the organization through one streamlined platform and letting employees know how they contribute to that purpose, you are empowering your employees. 

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Set clear expectations

Define the boundaries within which your employee is free to act. By setting clear expectations, you’re giving your employees permission to make decisions while ensuring the decisions are in line with company goals.

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Provide necessary resources

With our platform, you can provide all employees with the necessary tools, documents and resources to make them work in a self-solution-oriented way.

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Recognize employees for hard work

Knowing your employees' performance is important and recognizing their hard work even more! Showing appreciation for work well done makes it more likely that a person feels encouraged, will do it again, and do it even better

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Accept ideas and input

Be open to hearing the employees' ideas & feedback by requesting this input through our platform during the onboarding process. This will not only help empower your employees, but it can also open up your organization to great fresh ideas.

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Give new hires a personal & unforgettable onboarding experience

 “Employees need to know that they made the right choice from the beginning. Give them the tools they need to become top performers and make them feel empowered” 

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We empower the world’s best employee experiences by making it easy for you to create workflows, build employee journeys and improve connections.

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Zeiss Sasja Luijk
“Thanks to Appical, people feel at home even before the first starting day.”

Sasja Luijk, HR Manager Benelux at Zeiss

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“The app acts as a self-service tool and reference guide for the many things that a new starter would usually require the input from their manager of.”

Christian Diaz, former HR at Condé Nast

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Encourage new employees

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Give your new hires a personal and unforgettable onboarding experience. Discover what Appical can do for you.

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“Our new hires score our onboarding experience with a 9.3 out of 10!”

Serhat Kakçi

Regional Head of Reward & Performance – Northern Europe at Allianz Trade

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