"How-To" webinars

The "How-To" webinars series is back! This time around, our specialists will dive into the "How to?" of tips and tricks around onboarding, offboarding & reboarding, share in-depth knowledge of best practices and insights into our platform. Sign up below to claim your spot. The webinars will be in English.
Upcoming webinars:
- "How to structure the offboarding process with the help of our digital tool", Thursday 29th of April 2021, 10AM CET

What will be discussed?

More and more employers are betting on an onboarding strategy, training opportunities and happiness in the workplace. Fantastic! But these are not the only elements to improve the employee experience. Often forgotten is the end of the employee experience: the exit process, also known as offboarding

Offboarding is the process that leads to the formal separation of an employee from an organisation through (un)voluntary contract termination or retirement. Despite its importance in the complete employee lifecycle, less than 30% of all companies have a formal offboarding program, that would clarify decisions and processes that take place when an employee leaves the organisation. 

To bring the topic of offboarding a bit closer to you, join us for our How-To webinar sessions when we discuss:

- How to give departing employees a memorable farewell

- How to structure the offboarding process with help of a digital tool

- What steps you can take (today) for an effective offboarding process


Note: There are currently no upcoming "How-To" webinar sessions scheduled. If you are interested in our onboarding, offboarding, reboarding solutions or would like to know more about our platform, you can always request a demo or review a previous session on our Youtube channel

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The webinars will be hosted by

Lukas Bodenstein, Product Marketeer
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Jeroen Weeber, Account Executive

New webinar dates for 2021 will soon be announced!